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Water is used to create music using these specially created instruments..A hydraulophone is a tonal acoustic musical instrument played by direct physical contact with water sometimes other fluids where sound is generated or .Hydraulophones are musical instruments that use water to produce acoustic sound, in which the fingers of .

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    A young musician plays the hydraulophone by pressing on jets of water laid out to a musical scale. Waterflute reedless hydraulophone with finger embouchure holes, allowing an intricate but polyphonic embouchure like control by inserting one finger into each of .

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    Water is used to create music using these specially created instruments. Acoustic musical instruments have been built from every imaginable material including wood,stone, metal,crystals, bones androot vegetables. Musical materials have even been madeout of .

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    Water Music. Water Music, suite of short pieces for small orchestra by German born English composer George Frideric Handel, known particularly for its highly spirited movements in dance form. Most of the pieces were originally intended for outdoor performance, and the work premiered on a barge on the River Thames, .

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    Water Music Handel The Water Music is a group of pieces for Baroque orchestra. The pieces were composed by George Frideric Handel. The Water Music is made up of three suites. These suites include minuets, hornpipes, bourr es, and other dances. In sum, there are three suites F major, D major, G major , made up of individual pieces..