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Rowling tweeted a heartbreaking tribute to the late rock legend David Bowie, whod late Sunday night after an month battle with cancer. “I wish he could have stayed on earth [sic] longer,” Rowling wrote. Rowling was among the many celebrities to tweet tributes to Bowie..In a week during which the world lost David Bowie and Alan Rickman, much has been said about public grief. The passing of an iconic singer and popular British actor, both to cancer aged , was marked by an outpouring of tributes from devastated fans. Rickman and Rowling were .I m not sure about the words Hogwart and Hogwarts, but I wouldn t exactly believe that she copied the word from another place and modified it. It could be a .

  • How J K Rowling Plotted Harry Potter With A Hand Drawn

    I really think J.K Rowling should consider re writing the Harry Potter series from Dumbledore’s perspective. Start the series with Dumbledore’s childhood friendship with Grindewald, the of his sister, as well as background on his relationship with his brother Aberforth..

  • J K Rowling Publishes New Harry Potter Story About The

    Although J.K. Rowling wrote the final book in the Harry Potter series in , she continues to give Potter fans an occasional fix, publishing short works that add a little more color and detail to the Harry Potter story. Ardent fans know that Rowling wrote a short Prequel in . Also, earlier .

  • David Bowie The Last Interview And Other Conversations

    David Bowie The Last Interview and Other Conversations The Last Interview Series [David Bowie] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The massive, world wide outpouring of grief at the of David Bowie notably focused on not only his stunning musical output.

  • David Bowie First Five Years Documentary Being Made

    David Bowies’ early career is set to be the focus of a new documentary. The upcoming film ‘The First Five Years’ is being produced, and it will act as a prequel to ‘David Bowie Five Years’ and ‘David Bowie The Last Five Years’, which both aired on the BBC..

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