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The Rubab is the national instrument of Afghanistan and its origins date back from the th Century and its roots from Central Afghanistan. It is also known as “the Lion of Instruments”. It is mainly played by Afghan, Pashtun, Tajik, Kashmiri and Persian classical musicians.. At the time, the newly created Radio Afghanistan Orchestra combined many of these instruments, along with the rababthe “national Afghan instrument” largely played by the Pushtun majoritythe Indian sitar and harmonium, and the Western trumpet, mandolin, and piano, all grouped around a single microphone to produce a .

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    Today’s Afghan music can be roughly divided into traditional, modern and post modern. Boundaries between these different categories are not clear cut but roughly reflect eras of pre Soviet, intra Soviet and post Soviet invasion of Afghanistan..

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    The Afghan concept of music is closely associated with instruments, and thus unaccompanied religious singing is not considered music. Koran recitation is an important kind of unaccompanied religious performance, as is the ecstatic Zikr ritual of the Sufis which uses songs called na’t, and the Shi’a solo and group singing styles like mursia, manqasat, nowheh and rowzeh..

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    Afghanistan music or Afghan music is unique and beautiful and I invite everyone to sample the unique sound of Afghani Rubab, Danbora, Delrobah, Sitar, and Tabla..